The Nobska Point Light property remains under the jurisdiction of the US Coast Guard and the Town of Falmouth, even though responsibilities for management and operation have been delegated to the Friends of Nobska Light. The Friends will uphold both agencies’ policies concerning events and weddings ceremonies.

The following restrictions apply:

Maximum of 30 people,

No alcohol,

No equipment such as:



amplification systems,

or barbeque grills.  

We cannot provide electricity.

There is no place to change on site  

There are no public restrooms available.

As this is a residential area, please be considerate of neighboring property owners.

Parking can be made available inside the west gate for three cars. If arranged in advance, a representative from the Friends may be present to unlock the gates upon your arrival and to secure the gates upon your departure.  Driving or parking on the grass is prohibited.

The lighthouse itself will not be available for event and/or wedding purposes unless arranged in advance and adequate staffing by the Friends is available. 

Approval of the event and/or wedding will not constitute exclusive use by the applicant. The Nobska Point Light is a public facility and is open to the general public and will be open regardless of the event and/or wedding.

As policy dictates, the Friends reserve the right to cancel this request should any unforeseen circumstances, notice by the US Coast Guard or Town of Falmouth arise that may jeopardize the safety and security of this facility and/or the participants of the event.

If you love Nobska enough to have your wedding ceremony here, please consider supporting our restoration efforts at: Donate

Past contributions for weddings range from $400 and up. Engagements $200 and up. Photographs $150 and up. 


Photography is allowed at Nobska Light.

If you are considering staging wedding photographs at Nobska Light, please keep in mind a few limitations of the site.

As of the spring 2016, the house, the tower, and the fences are in much need of painting and upkeep. The Friends of Nobska Light expect to undertake some of that work in the coming season. If work has not commenced, the photos may need some retouching. If it has, the ongoing work may be evident in the photos. The Friends will endeavor to post to the website what to expect in terms of disruptions onsite.

The grounds are open to the public from dawn to dusk.

This means that it is very likely that other people will be wandering around as the photos are taken, which may be a distraction.

Most people are courteous if asked to step away politely but they are under no obligation to do so.

Many people get married in Falmouth and love Nobska. If you think it’s a lovely day for photographs at Nobska, keep in mind other wedding parties may also.

Wedding photographs may be taken on the lawn.

The lighthouse interior will not be available for event and/or wedding photography purposes.

There is very little onsite parking, plan accordingly. Consider carpooling or drop-off options.

It is almost always windy from some direction at Nobska; this adds a natural element to photographs but may not be what you had in mind.

If you love Nobska enough to take your wedding photographs there, please consider supporting our restoration efforts at: Donate

Past contributions for weddings range from $400 and up. Engagements $200 and up. Photographs $150 and up. 

Friends of Nobska Light is a Falmouth-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Make a donation here on the website or by mail.

Friends of Nobska Light • PO Box 183 • Falmouth, MA 02541

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