Beacons of Light: The Campaign for Nobska

Saving lives at Sea – Shaping lives on Shore - Sharing the extraordinary Story

Established in 1829, Nobska Lighthouse is an enduring icon of New England and Falmouth’s maritime tradition. For 190 years, Nobska has guided mariners and legendary ships to safety through the treacherous shoals of Woods Hole. The Lighthouse embodies the spirit that is Falmouth and connects our community to the shining sea that Katharine Lee Bates, a Falmouth native, famously evoked in her song, “America the Beautiful”.

The new Maritime Museum at Nobska Lighthouse will join Falmouth’s excellent museums with a unique focus on matters of the sea. It will chronicle the contributions of the U.S. Coast Guard to the community, educate the public, and bring the history to life through the eyes of the dedicated keepers and families that served Nobska so well. The museum will celebrate Falmouth’s significant role in regional maritime commerce, tourism, and recreational sailing and boating.

The new maritime museum will serve as a shining “Beacon” attracting local, national, and international visitors and educating people of all ages about our rich nautical heritage. This vision requires repurposing the Keepers House inside and out, including the infrastructure and design changes to accommodate the museum. Outside, it calls for extensive groundwork and landscaping, including septic and parking upgrades.

Nobska is Falmouth’s leading tourist attraction and a visible symbol of our community. The Master Plan is inspiring and, once implemented, will ensure that the extraordinary story of Nobska will be preserved and passed on to future generations. The new museum will be an educational magnet, free and accessible to ALL, drawing people to Falmouth.


Friends of Nobska Light is a Falmouth-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Make a donation here on the website or by mail.

Friends of Nobska Light • PO Box 183 • Falmouth, MA 02541

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